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In order for you to help your child at home, below are listed the “red words that correspond to the colour text of the RWI series. Feel free to help your child learn the words of the colour books that they are on. Try and resist the temptation to forge ahead and learn to many as they also need to be able to recognize the words in context. Also the children need to be able to recall the red words rather than sound them out. This is because they tend to be non-phonetic spellings.

If you have any queries at all, please speak to your child’s class teacher.

Ditties Red Words

I of my to
the no me


Green Books Red Words

the your said
you my


I he are
of no


Purple Books Red Words

the of to
I my


me go he
baby said


are you paint
your he


Pink Books Red Words

all my the
like I’ve want


you call we
be no her


are of me
said he she


to washing some
be there so


Orange Books Red Words

what they do
said you to


the me be
want my go
he no old
are we so


was be of
all she her


Yellow Books Red Words

one saw her
to go the


all was some
she be he


they watch watches
me said my


want you school
are of small


do by wall
there what no


so your who
tall call brother


I’m I’ve their
any fall were


Blue Books Red Words

any other two
one all her


there said could
they would want


their watch some
anyone over who


does school through
once here son


you’re her why
brother were humans


whole what was
small tall


Grey Books Red Words

should were there
call want come


one through many
could are other


was two who
you said your


what school mother
to they father


watch anyone whole
water great brother


above where here
someone another walk


what small any
here son would