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Anti-Bullying Working Party

At Old Heath Primary we take a proactive view on anti-bullying to ensure all pupils are free from bullying or harassment.

One of our main strategies to keep our school bully free is through our anti-bullying working party. This group consists of two pupils from every class who meet formally every fortnight. The group act as liaison officers between the working party and their peers.

The children discuss ideas as a class and then bring their thoughts and feelings to the working party. As a direct result of this an action plan is created and then implemented during the school year.

In the past twelve months the group has:

  • Reviewed the school anti-bullying policy
  • Rewritten the anti-bullying policy so that each class can display a copy and all pupils can understand it
  • Appointed play pals who wear a different colour uniform and have been trained to offer help at break and lunchtimes to ensure no child is alone
  • Organised and led a successful anti-bullying week
  • Zoned the playground and school field to ensure a diverse range of activities are on offer for all pupils to enjoy