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School Council


At Old Heath the school council is made up with two nominated representatives from each year group. Every pupil in the school has an opportunity to stand for elections and vote for who they wish to represent them on the council. The representatives act as liaison officers between the council and their peers.The children discuss ideas as a class prior to meetings and the reps take these ideas to the council where all collective ideas are discussed and decisions made about how to take these ideas forward. The outcomes are then fed back to the classes.

As a direct result of the school council the following has been achieved:

  • Designed our state of the art toilets
  • Visit our partner school in Wandsworth London annually
  • Designed and oversaw the creation of the Quiet Garden
  • Raised hundreds of pounds for St Helena Hospice last year
  • Survey and decide on the summer theme week
  • Interview and inform the headteacher of the school development plan
  • Includes the ‘princess Diana Anti-Bullying Ambassador’ to actively include anti-bullying issues with the school council
  • Winning £10,000 towards playground improvements in the Playground Partnership National Competition
  • Designing and reviewing the current school menu
  • Giving advice and suggestions to various policies and areas of the curriculum

This academic year our school council has formed an action plan that includes our main goals for the coming year. Our action plan can be viewed alongside our photographs in our display board beside the hall.