All about Year 1

Year 1 Summer Term 2020 & Coronavirus

Dear Parents and Children of Year 1

We hope you are all staying safe and managing to have some fun during this very different and difficult time for everyone. As some of you may have finished the pack Miss Boyce sent home when the school was closed on Friday 20th March she has put together some more ideas for you. There is a letter from Miss Boyce below with  links to useful websites and also links to some task sheets for you to download and print. If printing at home is not an option for you please send a message via or text 07305 938 237 to say you would like a printed pack. The printed pack contains more work than what we are able to link on the website! Packs will be available on Monday 20th  April from 2pm at the front office if you have pre ordered! Please don't forget to mention your child's name in the email/text so that we can name the envelope and then leave it in the entrance hallway at the front office so you can pick up as part of your daily walk! If you are self isolating as either someone in the household has the virus or you are shielding please let us know and I will see what we are able to manage in the current situation.

At this time Old Heath School along with the rest of the Nation's schools have no idea what is being planned in terms of future opening as being discussed in the news. As soon as we are officially informed and have plans in place to manage reopening I will contact all parents directly via ParentMail.

Many thanks & stay safe!

Amanda Mitchelson

Sunflowers, Bees and All About Me!

This half term we would be learning about growth, plants, insects and the human body.

In English, we would be writing instructions on how to grow a sunflower. We would also be writing non-chronological reports about honeybees; using the internet to research information for our reports. We would continue to develop our phonic knowledge of alternative graphemes that make the same sound and revise tricky words previously learnt. We would also be developing our spelling of words containing the suffixes; ed, er, est and ing.

In Maths, we would be developing our recall of number bonds and related facts to 20 and beyond! We would be developing our strategies for all four operations, using a variety of resources. We would develop our understanding of 3D shapes and learn the correct terminology to describe their properties, including, faces, vertices and edges. We would also be using standardised measures to measure length and liquids.

In Science, we would be learning the different parts of a flower and their functions and begin to name a variety of common plants. Why not create a nature bracelet and research the names of the plants and flowers found? We would also learn the difference between evergreen and deciduous trees; Can you spot any examples from your window? We would also learn about the lifecycle of a sunflower and be planting our own; if you are able to do so, this is a great opportunity to observe the growth of your flower. We would be investigating honeybees, their lifecycle and their important role as pollinators. We would be begin learning how to sort and classify different groups of animals including mammals and insects. We would also learn to name, draw and label the basic parts of the human body and say which part of the body is associated with each sense.

In Art, we would be learning more about Vincent Van Gogh and creating our own versions of his famous ‘sunflower’ painting; why not try sketching different flowers in your garden? We would also be learning about the life and work of Alison Mercer; creating our own fruit monsters; you could use any fruits, veggies or leftover foods to create prints- or cut out images in magazines to create a monster!

In Design and Technology, we would be learning where different fruits and vegetables come from, making and preparing healthy treats- Get involved in making meals in your house and find out where the ingredients came from and how they’re grown.

In Music, we would continue to play percussion instruments. We would be creating, selecting and combining sounds to make our own music. Have a go at making your own junk model instruments using rice and tubes/ containers- try different sized grains/ pasta for a different sound.

In Computing, we would revisit the BeeBots and develop our understanding of algorithms, as well as the importance of e-safety when using the internet. We would begin to input algorithms using Scratch;


In Geography, we would continue to develop our knowledge of the seven continents. We will also revisit maps of our local area (you can do this via Google Earth and identify known landmarks) and using compass directions, (you could use compass directions to reach different toys around the house, or describe the location of treasure chests in your home drawn maps!)

We would be learning about the beliefs of Buddhists this half term and discuss how Buddhist beliefs may be the same or different from our own. We will learn about the importance of different symbols in religions and look at different places of worship.

In Physical Education, please do make use of the fantastic resources available online, including Joe Wick’s online P.E lessons. In school, we would have been covering catching, throwing, balancing and games this term. If you are lucky enough to have a garden, try practising your throwing and catching skills through a variety of games; piggy in the middle and bench ball.

I hope that you are all safe and well.

Miss K Boyce

Here are a few of the activities that are in the pack but could be downloaded and printed or used as a stimulus to create your own work or read and then answered on a piece of paper or in the work book that got sent home!

Get Arty! Sunflower Fork Painting or Sunshine Dot Painting

Minibeast Ideas ~ Ideas to investigate Minibeasts or I Spy Scavenger Hunt

In 'Compass Directions' if you are unable to print can you follow the instructions and write down the places you visit? Can you write directions and get your Mum, Dad, brother or sister to follow?

Key Words ~ just the list of 'Common Exception Words' but it gives you the words children need to practise reading and spelling so you can write them out as 'flash cards', create missing letter spellings, word searches, make up sentences with those words, word hunt ~ hiding the words around the house or in the garden if available.

In Year 1 children are expected to know their number bonds to 10 and then for 20, so lots of practise to learn these is really important ~ use dice, playing cards, dominoes, sets of cars/felt tips/ if you need some practical apparatus. This is a 'Sunflower Petal' worksheet but we are sure you can create similar without having to print this. You could create a big caterpillar with sections for each number bond if you wanted something different or an extra idea, or patterns on a butterfly?!

Here are a couple of ideas for measuring length, and again it doesn't need to be printed you can use it to create your own practical ideas: measure plants out in the garden or draw your own flowers that you could then measure and order, can you find 6 different sized sticks or daffodil leaves that you could measure and order! Please don't try to measure any real bees!! Though there are some really big ones around!! 'Sunflower Lengths or 'Bees, humans & other objects'!

Overview and some more creative ideas!

Don't forget you can order a fully printed pack and pick it up on your daily walk out if you are able!

Don't forget you still have the Purple Mash Site as well. If you don't have your log in because you were unable to pick up the first pack of home learning from school we can photograph your child's login details and text over or you could pick up your first pack from the front entrance hall way ~ just drop us a text so we know to put it out there!

When you are coming in to pick up packs please can you make sure that if there is anyone in front of you, you give them plenty of space to collect and leave the building before you enter!                     Thank you very much!