All about Year 3

Year 3 Summer Term 2020 & Coronavirus

Dear Parents and Children of Year 3

We hope you are all staying safe and managing to have some fun during this very different and difficult time for everyone. As some of you may have finished the pack Miss Baker sent home when the school was closed on Friday 20th March and lots of you are working hard on the Purple Mash site, she has put together some more ideas for you. There is a letter from Miss Baker below with  links to useful websites and also links to some task sheets for you to download and print. If printing at home is not an option for you please send a message via or text 07305 938 237 to say you would like a printed pack. Packs will be available on Monday 20th April from 2pm at the front office if you have pre ordered! Please don't forget to mention your child's name in the email/text so that we can name the envelope and then leave it in the entrance hallway at the front office so you can pick up as part of your daily walk! If you are self isolating as either someone in the household has the virus or you are shielding please let us know and I will see what we are able to manage in the current situation.

At this time Old Heath School along with the rest of the Nation's schools have no idea what is being planned in terms of future opening as being discussed in the news. As soon as we are officially informed and have plans in place to manage reopening I will contact all parents directly via ParentMail.

Many thanks & stay safe!

Amanda Mitchelson


Dear Year 3

Summer Term – Ancient Greece

For this half term our new topic is Ancient Greece. This includes a range of cross-curricula areas such as the timeline, what everyday life was like, battles and soldiers, ancient Greek myths, gods/goddesses and how do we know about this period. For English we would be reading a myth and then writing our own version as well as creating a fact file about an ancient Greek god/goddess. For science, we would be moving on to learn about forces and magnets. This would include the push and pull forces, friction, how magnets work and what do they attract/repel. The geography focus would be to locate Greece on a map and investigate the human and physical similarities/ differences between Greece and the UK. For Art this half term we would have been looking at examples of pottery and vases from ancient Greece and then designing our own. You could also look at boats from ancient Greece and have a go at designing or modelling your own.


·         First research the topic. Just like we do in class when we learned about the Romans and Roald Dahl, you could use the internet, books or the comprehension that was in the pack sent home. The children can create a poster to display what they have learned, or a factfile, leaflet, PowerPoint or simply write it up!

·         Create a timeline of Ancient Greece. Where does it fit alongside other historical periods? You could include: rulers taking over, voting, first Olympic games, end of Greek empire.

·         Investigate forces in your home. Use a toy car and see how fast it travels across different surfaces and think about why that is. You could create a ramp and see what effect that has. Think about push and pull forces and the effect of friction.

·         Use a map or google maps to find out where Greece is, and what it is like today. How is it similar/ different to the UK. What are the cities like? Weather?

·         Read or listen to the myth of Theseus and the minotaur. Can you retell it in your own words? Create a story map of the main events. Then write your own version.

·         Write a detailed description of the character of the minotaur or the setting of the labyrinth.

·         Research the Greek gods, what do you notice about them? Create a fact file all about your favourite Greek God or Goddess.

·         Invent your own Greek God- draw and label it, what story would it have? Powers?

·         Have a look at some examples of vases and pottery from Ancient Greece. What do they tell you? Design your own vase or pottery. You could model one if you have playdough, clay or any materials at home- be creative! The colours are usually red and black.

·         Create a tally chart. It could be about your families’ favourite animals/ films/ food/ sports. Then use your data to create a bar chart. Remember to use accurate numbers.

·         Measure the length of items in your house. Use a ruler or tape measure to measure accurately in cm and mm. E.g. shoes, t.v remote, phones, sticks/ leaves you find on your daily walk!

·         Help bake something with your adults at home. Measure out the ingredients using grams and millilitres where they are needed. Read and follow the instructions carefully.

·         Use a phone or stopwatch to measure how quickly someone in your family can run a lap of the garden or outside. Who is fastest in your family? Record the timings in a chart.

Online audio of Theseus and the Minotaur

These are the links for your work:

Maths: 'Time telling to the nearest minute' , 'Statistics for Home Learning'

Science: 'Pushes & Pulls' , 'Magnetic Objects'

Reading Comprehension: 'The Boy Who Cried Wolf' , 'The Dragon Kings'

Ancient Greece: 'Research Map' , 'Myths & Legends Poster' , 'Story Mapping Boxes' , 'Greek Vase Templates' , 'Theseus & The Minotaur Story''Greek God Fact File'

Keep working hard, don't forget to keep reading and practising your times tables! Stay safe and stay well!

Best wishes

Miss J Baker

When you are coming in to pick up packs please can you make sure that if there is anyone in front of you, you give them plenty of space to collect and leave the building before you enter!                                        Thank you very much!