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Dear Year 5, here we go ~ last week of home learning and this time next week you will all be back chatting and learning together! Well done for keeping going and working hard!!

Mrs Russell's Plan for Week 8


Welcome back to home-learning Y5! I hope you have had a good half-term break and managed to get some outside time and some down time from your screens! Hopefully we'll hear soon how this half term is going to unfold and when we can open school properly! But for now here is Week 7 of home learning ~ Mrs Russell's Plan for Week 7

Hi Y5! We are very nearly at the 'half term' point just Week 6 to work through! I know it's not easy, this 'learning at home' thing especially when you can't meet up with friends and go places like the cinema, bowling at half term but I know some of you are keeping in touch via your technology so please make sure you are being kind and also keeping yourself and your friends safe online/social media/games etc!

So here is Mrs Russell's Plan for Week 6! Don't forget to make sure you send some of your work in so Mrs Russell can check if everything is ok. Also if you are stuck, and so are your Mum or Dad or grandparents then drop Mrs Russell an email and she can help; we have posted ideas and solutions that have come up in the lessons here in school on the website to try and help. Make sure your read Mrs Russell's explanations and instructions well and use the links to video etc to help with your understanding. If it's urgent, parents; you have my text number! Keep working hard and hopefully we will see you all soon!!

Dear Y5 Children and Parents and welcome to Week 5 of home learning! 

Week 5

Please click here for Mrs Russell's Weekly Plan.

Here is the Y5's attempt at 'wattle & daub' construction last week! Great fun, a little chilly and lots of mud! But a big realisation of how much work went into constructing a whole building!












Week 4

Please click here for Mrs Russell's Weekly Plan. If you picked up a pack last week there is a pack ready for you this week. If you didn't and need a pack please text Mrs M.

Week 3

Please click here for Mrs Russell's Weekly Plan. Mrs Russell has linked all the websites you will need via the plan and all the work can be completed directly from the website. If you would like a paper copy please use Mrs M's HT mobile to text your request. Mrs Russell has also created a teaching/learning sequence for Maths this week. Click tenths & hundredths

Week 2

An example of the writing task today (Wed) from children in school;


Weekly Plan for Monday 11th Jan to 15th Jan ~ all links included

The link for Wed Maths is apparently not working! So in school the children using the above photographed work!

Fractions Video from Mrs Russell to help ~ still trying to get it to load!!

An example of a metaphor poem created in school on Monday

Friday 8th January 2021

Daily Plan

Thursday 7th January 2021

Daily Plan

Hit the Button ~ times tables practice


Please click here to see your work for Wednesday 6th January

This is a fractions tutorial if you are a bit stuck with the fractions work today!

Please click here to see your work for Tuesday 5th January from Mrs Russell.

Video Message from Mrs Russell.


Christmas Greetings from Year 5

Please click here and enjoy their singing of 'O Little Town of Bethlehem'! Please ignore the filming of the ground just concentrate on the spirit of the voices!!

The Year 5's have stayed with Mrs Russell and their old classroom as we returned back to school this September. They have Mrs Duncombe and Mrs Saunders as their support staff.

Year 5 have started the term with 'The Mayans', making some fabulous headdresses and holiday brochures persuading holiday makers to choose a 'Mayan Holiday' 

Below is some their Ancient Egypt work from earlier in the Year 4 that never got celebrated properly as the Covid pandemic 'took over'!