We aim for all our clubs to be free of charge, in trying to achieve this we rely on staff at the school giving their time up after school or during lunch times.

Over a school year we hope to offer a variety of clubs; the sporting ones, will change particularly to reflect the sporting season and the weather! Clubs are organised with specific year groups in mind.

In the past we have offered Film Club, Vex Robots, Netball, Volleyball, Hockey, Calming Colouring Club, Lego Club, Time to Cook, Football, Athletics, Multi Skills, Booster Club, Finger Gym, Craft and Choir.

For this Autumn Term we are offering

Monday: 3.15-4.15pm Colouring Club with Mrs Careford, Gardening Club with Mrs Russell and Puzzle Club with Mrs Rudd                                                                                                                                                                                                            Tuesday: 1.00-1.25pm Choir, 3.15-4.15pm Circuit Training Club with Mrs Humm and Craft Club with Miss Boyce Wednesday: Staff meeting night so no Clubs                                                                                                                                      Thursday: 3.15-4.30pm Netball Club (Y5&6) with Mrs Mitchelson                                                                                               Friday: 3.15-4.30pm Sports Club (Y1,2&3) with Mrs Mitchelson.



All families receive a ‘club’ letter detailing times, year groups etc at the start of each term which need to be returned promptly and families are then notified as to the places allocated or whether children are on a waiting list.

Summer Term Time Table


  • Colouring Club (Y3/4/5)
    Sewing Club (Y4/5/6)
    Yoga (Y2/3)
    All finish at 4.15pm

    Netball (Y4/5/6) finishes at 4.45pm


  • Paper Craft Club (Y1&2)
    Circuit Training (Y3/4)
    All finish at 4.15pm


  • Insert Text Here


  • Lego Club (Y3&4)
    Finishing at 4.15pm

    Athletics Club (Y3/4/5/6)
    Finishing at 4.30pm


  • KS1 Sports Club
    Finishing at 4.30pm